Plexus-SlimPlexus Slim started out as a supplement designed to target patients with diabetes. However the company would have had to endure thousands of dollars and years of waiting for it to be approved by the FDA and marketed as such a product. During clinical trials the company discovered that all patients who drank Plexus Slim experienced some form of weight loss. The company changed the name of the product to Plexus slim and launched a network marketing opportunity.

The company not only offers products for effective weight loss but they also offer products for weight management. This helps business owners establish a lasting client base. Through the Plexus Slim website consumers can request a free sample of the products to try before buying them. Plexus Slim products are made with all natural ingredients which are listed on the website as well. The company also offers products for breast health and probiotics to help improve digestive function. The Accelerator product is another popular item that is offered by Plexus Slim and considered a companion product to the original Plexus Slim supplement.

Plexus Slim is a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you are interested in joining the business opportunity you will start out as a Plexus Ambassador. The welcome pack to get started with Plexus Slim ranges between $99.00 and $199.00. Each kit includes different products that are manufactured by the company as a sampler. This allows new Plexus Ambassadors to get familiar with the products that they will be selling. As an ambassador you will have access to a personal website, back office, free training and support and discounted products with your membership. The website does not list any additional yearly renewal fees or monthly membership fees with this business opportunity.

Plexus Ambassadors earn 15% to 25% commission on sales volume over $100 each month. They can earn an additional 5% override commission on sales volume over $100 for members of their first level downline. Additional bonuses are offered by the company for recruiting people and for advancing through the ranks of Plexus Slim. Plexus Slim weight loss and cleansing products are well known in the market for being affordable while offering great results for the consumer.

The health and wellness industry has experienced substantial growth in the last decade. The growing obesity rate has caused the media to focus on the best ways for people to lead healthier lives and lose weight. Plexus slim is a great supplemental product that can be marketed towards this demographic of people which are seeking a supplement that is proven effective at helping them lose weight in conjunction with diet and exercise. The Plexus Slim business opportunity has continued to prevail over the years and has proven itself to be a worthwhile way to make money through direct sales.

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