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Oxygen 4 Energy


We all know the value of oxygen in our body. It is the most vital part of our life and the one key elements without which we cannot live for even a few minutes. One may survive for a week without food and maybe a few days without water, but without oxygen, our brain and the other essential systems of the body will shut off in a few minutes. Research has indicated that more oxygen in our body helps in making our cells able to perform greater and as an end result our muscles go faster and also heal quicker after each workout. The reason is that, the main source of energy for our muscles is ATP which is formed mostly with oxygen. Smaller amounts of oxygen means less energy for our body and resulting muscle fatigue. After every work out, our muscles create lactic acid in them. This happens because of the lack of oxygen circulating through the system compared to the amount that is essential for the activities that we are doing.

This is when Oxygen 4 Energy comes into play. Their convenient oxygen cans helps to replenish the energy or boost it whenever required. Some people though have raised concerns about the benefit and the effectiveness of this form of oxygen replenishment. They have mentioned that oxygen toxicity may happen when someone takes in pure oxygen. It is important to mention here, that oxygen toxicity can only occur when you are exposed to pure oxygen for hours. The cans made by Oxygen 4 Energy do not have more than 99% purity and they don’t hold more than a few minutes flow of oxygen. Another thing is that, the oxygen from the Oxygen 4 Energy cans is delivered in little bursts only, which also reduces the chance of oxygen toxicity. There are no researches which indicate that small bursts of oxygen can however create any possibility of toxicity.

Breathing the Oxygen 4 Energy cans is not needed for a prolonged time frame. Each can has nearly a minutes flow of oxygen which is also delivered in small bursts to ensure that there is never a chance for oxygen toxicity. As soon as you inhale your first breath, the oxygen begins mixing with your blood flow and becomes available for your muscles. It starts reversing the effects of lactic acid formation and fatigue after a workout and you get the result immediately.

Canned oxygen from Oxygen 4 Energy is perfect for athletes and even amateur sportspersons who usually undertake strenuous training regimes where they are susceptible to muscle fatigue and lactic acid build up. The 99% oxygen flow helps in instant rejuvenation and recovery.

Oxygen 4 Energy is perfectly legal and its inhaling for rejuvenating oxygen starved muscles is completely safe. It is a controlled flow which helps you to recover from muscle fatigue. Until recently it was only accessible via a prescription from a registered doctor. But now it is available to everybody. Even the world anti doping agency which regulates and oversees the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports has also accepted taking canned oxygen.

I hope that this column helps you to make a decision on whether or not to sign up with Oxygen 4 Energy. Remember there are different column out there so don’t just stop at one. Make sure to bookmark this article so that you can view it in the future.

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