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Just Energy operates in the U.S. and Canada; it is one of the largest independent energy companies operating now. They provide gas, electricity, satellite television, and 4g wireless internet access to 1.8 million customers in North America. The company recently realized the power that word-of-mouth marketing had over traditional advertising, so Just Energy set up its marketing division under the name Momentis, offering a great opportunity to to people interested in starting their own business.

Anybody in MLM knows there are a number of things that should be checked before entering into an opportunity.

Length of Time in Business

Just Energy has been in business for nearly 14 years and today provides energy to customers in 15 US states and five Canadian provinces.

Momentis Products

Momentis affiliates will be able to supply customers electricity, gas, television and high-speed wireless internet these products will be around for quite a long time. Just Energy supplies power for both business and domestic use. Through their Green Energy program Just Energy will supply power to Cowboys Stadium for Super Bowl XLV and to all related venues for the month leading up to the event.


Just Energy is expanding into Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, offering huge opportunities for representatives living in those areas. Opportunities still exist in the states where the company already operates including Texas and all provinces in Canada except Saskatchewan. This gives representatives a great opportunity.


Momentis offers an extremely simple compensation plan. Affiliates accumulates points every time he recruits someone into his downline and they then make a commission. Passive monthly income is earned from each client every month, plus extra commissions from his downline’s customers. This can grow to be a substantial amount of income. Those with huge downlines are getting between $.50 and five dollars from each customer every month the potential is enormous.

The company also has a number of incentives such as bonuses for team building and for those who mentor others. Distributors in the state of Texas who refer 20 customers are currently getting their home energy usage completely free.

Financial Stability

The Just Energy Group is a public company founded in Ontario in July of 1997 and is debt-free. The company had revenues of $3 billion in 2011 which exceeded the previous years results by over 28%.

Momentis Management

As the network marketing business model is different, Momentis appointed Andrew McWilliams as President and CEO. Mr. McWilliams they have had many years experience in the multi-level marketing industry. The Momentis objective is to help people establish their own businesses marketing the company’s essential products and services within this growing multi-billion-dollar industry.

Advantages for the Customer

For those customers who live in deregulated states, competition between power companies means the consumer benefits from lower gas and electricity prices. Customers can bundle Just Energy products like Clears 4G WiFi internet services and Direct TVs satellite services and they will see no loss of service when making this switch.

Through Just Energys Green Energy initiative the company aims to help cut the release of greenhouse gases, improve air quality and decrease impact on the environment. Momentis representatives can present long-term, fixed-price or price-protected contracts, thus cushioning customers against the rise in energy prices.

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